The Robbins-Zust Marionettes have been delighting audiences since their opening on Shakespeare’s birthday in 1971. They have performed their classic tales with their hand-crafted puppets and live music for thousands of children of all ages from the Dorset Playhouse in Vermont to the Grammercy Arts Theatre, the West Side Y and the City Museum in New York, from the Boston Children’s Museum to the Woodstock Playhouse, Sharon Playhouse, the Berkshire Theatre Festival and hundreds of fairs, schools, resorts, inns, libraries, homes, birthday parties, cabarets, stores malls, temples and churches and in between.


Founded by Richard Robbins and Genie Zust.


Master Puppeteer Dion Robbins-Zust carries the tradition with his son, Milo.


“Each word is a story, with beginning, middle and enD

Classic stories are magic because of each word saiD

Our marionette shows are made of words so ordereD

Baby foot-steps, for-word, born out of stories enacteD

40 years of the classics hardly changed a single worD

Building on-word as each audience member re~acteD

Such focus over time, emphasizing the values implieD

In the fairy tales that delight all that may come to minD…”



Enjoy recent photographs by Harry Alpert, Susan Geller, Don Grandshaw, and Gabe Jones.